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General Quotes

"I haven't really decided to be an actor yet! I started doing plays when I was about 15 or 16. I only did it because my dad saw a bunch of pretty girls in a restaurant and he asked them where they came from and they said drama group. He said "Son, that is where you need to go."

"I aspire to be Jack Nicholson. I love every single mannerism. I used to try and be him in virtually everything I did, I don't know why. I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest when I was about 13, and I dressed like him. I tried to do his accent. I did everything like him. I think it's kind of stuck with me."

"I've changed so much. I'm not nearly as cocky as I was, I was a real prat for the first month. I didn't talk to anyone. I just drank coffee and told everyone I was 24 and this famous theatre actor just back from South Africa."

"Thats the worst thing, I dont really care if people say I'm a bad actor, I can like work on that, but if they just say that he's ugly thats just like "oh.. really?"

"I am now determined to do really weird parts but I think I overdo it in auditions so nobody really trusts me! "

"Sometimes I think, 'To hell with acting,' and then I realize I could be working at a shoe shop, acting is much cooler."

"I have no idea. I think I would have just gone to university and would have kind of just done the average thing." On if he hadn't become an actor

"It's strange, somebody asked for my autograph the other day. Because I finished school and I'm not really doing anything at the moment, I was just kind of aimlessly wandering around London and these two guys who were about 30 came up and asked for my autograph. I was really quite proud at the time, and they wanted to take photos and stuff. And then they were sort of wandering around and I was kind of wandering around and I bumped into them about three times, and every single time their respect for me kept growing and growing and growing."

"I walked out the wrong car door and started walking into the crowd, An interviewer said, 'Give your best horror scream,' and Stan did this great scream and I was too much of a wimp to do one. It was pathetic!" On his first red carpet experience

"I started doing a paper round when I was about 10. I started earning £10 a week and then I was obsessed with earning money until I was about 15."

"Up until I was 12 my sisters used to dress me up as a girl and introduce me as 'Claudia'! Twelve was a turning point as I moved to a mixed school and then I became cool and discovered hair gel. "

"Someone stole my shoelaces once from my shoes. I still wear them and never put laces in them - they're like my trademark shoes now!"

Harry Potter General Quotes

"I can't say I was. I wasn't not a fan. I hadn't read any of the books or anything. I read The Goblet of Fire when I was doing the other film, and I really liked that. I got through it in about two days. I'd say I'm a pretty big fan now. " On whether he was a HP fan before filming

"I knew the casting director from another movie which I did, and they wanted to see me for this part, but I was doing another movie over the casting period, so I ended up seeing Mike Newell and Mary Selway and Fiona Weir - who were casting at the time - before anyone else was seen for casting. And then, I went to do this other movie, and then the day I came back... I got a call back and basically, that's what happened." On getting the part of Cedric

"Probably Harry. I think. Not being arrogant or anything. I just think it's a really intricate and it's an amazing part. I think also when you don't really have the opportunity to be guaranteed seven films when you're growing up during the filming." On who he would switch roles with.

"I was actually having nightmares about it for months in advance, I went to Jasper Conran and picked out the most ridiculous, extravagant clothes - they looked really good in the shop. And then I put them on and I thought: you look such an idiot." On the HP Premiere

"I've been using the fan websites as I was acting it, because they know so much about the books, and it's really helpful as a resource."

Harry Potter Filming Quotes

"Well, I haven't actually died "live" yet but I've been dead a few times. It's strange, but it's quite sort of relaxing. You feel like a bit of a therapist, because everyone's giving you all their grief, and you're just lying there listening. Yeah, it was quite nice, like no pressure after a couple weeks. I enjoyed it."

"I think the most embarrassing part of that was just the normal dancing. When the rock band comes. I think there was two days where the crew was like, "Just dance, just dance.". So, you can't, in a club or whatever...That was really awkward."

"As Dan was doing school at the time I was just sitting by myself for ages and at the time I wanted to be taken really serious as an actor so I used to just sit around just drinking coffee all day and trying to look really intense"

"I think the yule ball is more attractive to the girls who read it, I never really thought "Oh I get to go to the ball!"

"There were a couple of times where you think you're swimming towards a guy with a breating apparatus and then you find its just some thing in the water and you're like (imitates freaking out) and then you just know what to do and they film your stupid face just screaming underwater and then everyone starts laughing and its just like, ahh, great!"

"We had to do this scene looking like heroes diving into the lake. they had a stand-in doing perfect dives on the first take. Then Stan, Clemence, And I tried, but none of us could dive in right, and we all looked really stupid."

"Then I got a call the next day from the assistant director saying that they were putting me on a personal training programme. I thought that would be pretty cool, because it would make me take it seriously. It was run by one of the stunt team, who are the most absurdly fit guys inthe world. I can't even do 10 press ups. I did about three weeks of that, and in the end I think he got so bored of trying to force me to do it that he wrote it all down so that I could do it at home."

Cedric Quotes

"That is quite difficult. In the book and also my first introduction of the script is like "an absurdly handsome 17-year-old" and it kind of puts you off a little bit, when you're trying to act, and you're trying to get good angles to look good looking and stuff. "

"I hope im not that close to my character, I hate him, I used to hate everbody like Cedric in my school"

"I sort of identify with him in a couple of ways. Generally, I am quite pleasant. I think he is too, and I think that is one of the basic similarities. Let's see, I've got blond hair, I am relatively sporty. But, I think he is a better person than me."

HP Cast Quotes

"When I was doing scenes like when hes holding my body and stuff I was quite moved by what he was doing and because hes, well hes not that young anymore, but he was quite young, and I was really impressed by it"

"We had this bonding week at the begining and I did a lot of improvising with Rupert and he's really, like hes incredibly funny, but just as a real person, because hes funny in the film obviously, but he can do - he's like really versatile doing acting, and Emma as well, she can just, she just does it, shes an actress, she always has been and she's just incredibly intelligent young person."

"Er no, I think Dan could steal anyone from me. If I was a girl I would pick Dan!"

"I don't know. I think he's (Daniel) , just in real life, he's just so far superior to me in terms of desirability, so he didn't really have much of a competition with me. So there wasn't really much joking around. I'd probably cry if he did. If I was Katie, I would definitely go out with him because he's rich and famous, and I'm not really. "

"Yeah. I get on really well with Katie, she's a really cool girl. I don't have many talking scenes (with her). Most of my scenes, like big scenes, are just with Dan. I dance with her, and there's a lot of scenes like holding hands and stuff like that. But I get on really well with her. She's a nice girl. "

"I'm a big fan of Michael Gambon. I had one scene sitting next to him at the dragon task, and I had no idea what to say to him at all! He was the only person I asked for an autograph the whole way through it! "

"I was so concerned about looking cool, It's weird seeing them. They are the most famous kids, I kept calling them famous. They're on their way to becoming icons. I used to try to be moody and stuff. I'm really good friends with a lot of people from the film. It was a long time, I was doing it for 11 months."

Rob Quotes

"I'm just a big, hard tool." - No Good TV

"I'm really afraid of getting hit by cars, like terrified of it. I'm terrified of crossing streets. I'm also very accident-prone...I think people aim for me."

"I went to do my first big movie when I was 17. I was in South Africa for three and half months, and I was by myself."

"I was just taking out my trash and I had, like, 300 cans of Diet Coke. It was just like, 'How did that happen?' I don't even remember buying them. I also like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. My addictions are pretty much the only things I consume."

"I spent a long time trying to figure out how to play [Edward's part] without making a fool out of myself. The whole book is written from Bella's perspective and she's in love with him. I mean, the guy can be anybody — he could be an alien — and you see past everything if you're in love with someone."

"If I go and try to watch a movie by myself I'll be completely transfixed the whole time, concentrating one hundred percent. But if I'm with another person on a date or something, within two minutes I'll be like 'This is rubbish, this is rubbish. We should leave and do something else.' I don't really know why."

"I've got a terrible memory—I end up repeating myself quite a lot. The only thing I can remember is that I'm going to repeat myself!"

"It sounds lame, but I was really concentrating on this job. It was my first American thing so I was pretty focused. I went to Portland for two months before we starting shooting, and I just didn't talk to anybody for ages during the beginning of the shoot. I never went out, but I kind of broke down half way through. I was like, 'Okay, people are starting to think that I'm actually out of my mind now.'"

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